About us

The Dutch Limited company Yellow Pallet B.V. was first established in January 2012. With the support of Startlife, PPM Oost, Wageningen University and Research Center and impact investor BothSidesNow, Yellow Pallet has been able to conduct research, execute the required tests and to establish the business. Yellow Pallet works exclusively with 3 very experienced strategic mechanical engineering partners to realize the factories and services that produce blocks and pallets from banana fiber.

The founders of Yellow Pallet are Hein van Opstal (MSc, MBA) and Gert Kema (MSc, PhD). The daily management of the company is executed by Hein van Opstal. Gert Kema is employed by Wageningen University and Research Center and coordinates global research programs aiming at disease management in banana production

Yellow Pallet is supported by a group of experienced private impact investors and funds.

Early supporters

Yellow Pallet is supported by the following Banana, Dutch and European organisations:



PPM OOST                                         Startlife


Technical and commercial support

Yellow Pallet is and has been supported by numerous technical organisations in Europe, Costa Rica and Colombia.  (Potential) Customers in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and The Philippines have supported Yellow Pallet in the development of Yellow Pallet's business by providing information on the pallet specifications, the banana market, supplying stems, agreements to test the pallets and in developing harvesting models.